Friday, July 17, 2015

Team harvest

My amma doesn't really understand what i do at Zomato. When i was at mid-day, she could at least look at my bylines. That's not the case here. To give her a picture, i keep telling her that i write shorter stuff nowadays. Besides, i don't really see myself doing anything else other than playing with words. Creative process works differently in a startup-turning-corporate structure. Nobody gets a byline. It's a team harvest. Somebody thinks of one idea which gets modulated over the period of discussion, hopefully reaching a better stage of execution. And the final product may or may not be similar to the 'original' idea you suggested. I was a bit queasy about this process but over the past six months, i've learnt to be comfortable. Now the idea was to repeat the same with my amma. So i sent a picture of a bag badge which we hand out to new joinees. On it is a line written by me as you can note in the above attachment. I was expecting maternal accolades from her before she said, "Doesn't the tree look lovely?"