Saturday, July 18, 2015

Lyrical disaster

[A vella (obviously) is crying for his girlfriend but he confuses her for his soulmate. Anyway, it doesn't matter because he's not going to get her as he needs to lower his prejudiced standards.]

Chain ek pal nahi... aur koi hal nahi
[There's no content nor remedy to this madness as his obsession with Lord Vella is coming in the way of social sanity. And he can't help it either.]

Kaun modhe mua... koi saahil nahi
[There's no wind to turn the sail nor a sailor to rely on. The ship is bound to sink. Titanic used to be my favourite movie? Sucker!]

Kya bashar ki miza... aaj hai kal nahi
[What do you expect from a mortal? He's here, won't be tomorrow. Deep. Deeper than the sea in which the ship recently sunk.]

Chorr meri khata... tu toh pagal nahi
[Please overlook my mistakes. I'm stupid, unlike you. Besides, this is 90s and people are not addicted to Internet yet.]

N.B. Glad i stopped here itself and didn't proceed to ruin this beautiful song. I translated/fucked these lyrics for dear B who thought i understood Urdu more than i did back in 2013. For the record, Junoon (1997) was the first album (read: cassette) i bought from my pocket-money. 

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