Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Q for curiosity

Some anecdotes always make you smile, if not chuckle. I remembered one such incident from my brother's past this morning.

Our amma had taken him for his kindergarten interview. Needless to add, she was nervous throughout. Although she had done her level best to teach him the basics, she was worried he'll goof up. By the way, the school we two went to eventually had the Father of the church as the principal. So imagine my ma's horror when she was sitting next to the boy right across the Father's table. My bro wasn't dumb. Just that he was one of those bright kids with learning disabilities. He would keep forgetting stuff but was good with numbers. Anyway, the interview began and the principal started asking him “What's your name?” and “How old are you?” and similar My Self question. I don't know how he fared with them but my ma loved regaling us what he did when the superior took the ABC book out. He was pointing out random pictures in it, asking my brother what they were. “Cat”, “Dog” and stuff like that. It went well until he pointed out to the Q letter. There was a picture of a queen against it. Q for Queen. Befuddled, my cute lil' pie looked at the Father once and then pointed his finger at my ma.

Father couldn't help chuckle.  

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