Tuesday, July 14, 2015


It's the age of overreaction. The worst part is there's no distinction between the online and the offline worlds anymore. 

Online sample: 
BBC India's Twitter account goofs up on a tweet and takes its own sweet time to rectify the error. In the meanwhile, outrage takes over. Politeness is kicked out of the window as harsh words are employed. Speaking of which, one tweep goes to the extent of demanding the firing of the one responsible the tweet.
There are several questions worth pondering over here: 

  • Do you apply the same sets of standards at your job too?
  • What if somebody takes you more seriously than needed?
  • Do you know the track record of the person who posted that tweet?
  • When exactly did you become more righteous?

Offline sample: 
A girl found a bug in the poha served as breakfast in office. She cautioned her colleagues against eating it. To pick up the tempo, the HR decided to annul the vendor's contract solely because of this incident. The track record of the caterer wasn't even considered. There were no explanations demanded nor made. 
There are several questions worth pondering over here too:

  • How can you be so sure that the bug is from the kitchen, not office?
  • Why wasn't the girl's misfortune taken into question?
  • Given she's a non-vegetarian, she might want the worm processed through chicken?
  • I don't like jeera but have i ever made a fuss about it? I segregate them and move on.

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