Sunday, July 5, 2015

Consolations in life

  • At least coffee doesn't pretend to be something it ain't. 
  • At least my sorrows are above average. 
  • At least nobody is vying to have the perfect soul. 
  • At least our lame one-liners shall outlive us. 
  • At least the trees stand up for what they believe in.
  • At least mosquitoes don't talk behind your back.
  • At least pretend to pay attention while i'm talking to you.
  • At least your demons are madly in love with you.
  • At least the crazy ones don't pretend to be normal.
  • At least be honest to your lies.
  • At least ISIS has job vacancies.
  • At least those who click selfies aren't selfish.
  • At least cricketers don't dive.
  • At least Hindus can always claim reincarnation as the last resort.
  • At least show confidence when you're doing something wrong.
  • At least scratch my back before you stab it.
  • At least pain is paying attention to you.
  • At least Monday comes to an end. 
  • At least the suiciders aren't commitment-phobic.
  • At least the believers aren't lazybones. 
  • At least our enemies don't disappoint us.
  • At least the damaged folks accept who they are.
  • At least the liberals in Pakistan aren't hypocritical like ours. 
  • At least those who change their DPs accept that they're ageing.
  • At least our shadows resemble each other.
  • At least the losers can claim to be self-made.
  • At least those who can't speak don't lie.
  • At least the Army doesn't tweet during working hours.
  • At least science doesn't expect us go on a pilgrimage.
  • At least the illiterates are spared from writing suicide notes.
  • At least nobody can hate us more than we hate ourselves.
  • At least the misogynist jokes pay full attention to women.
  • At least they won't levy doping charges against Indian athletes. 
  • At least fat people don't crack thin jokes. 
  • At least the women in urban India have a voice.
  • At least we can try to be happy.


Vishal Kataria said...

At least we can turn off the internet and enjoy the small beauties of life :)

Bhumika Keyur Shah said...

At least narrating the list you made many smile! :)