Sunday, July 26, 2015

One paradox a day keeps delusions away

Have you ever wondered what they mean by "growing in a relationship"? I might be mistaken (as i usually am) but here's my 50 cent (filing for bankruptcy in advance) on the said topic: I think growing in a relationship is a paradox. If two people are in an union, they go through phases. Acceptance. Denial. Angst. Power. Calm. Storm... so on and so forth. As they continue moving, they come to a point where they are comfortable with themselves as an individual. This is the point where they've FINALLY found themselves with a lot of help from their partner. If it weren't for their significant others, they wouldn't have reached this stage. Fortunately, they do realize this fact. And what's paradoxical about this whole thing is once you reach that stage where you're one with yourself, you don't really anybody else because you've finally found that inner peace which you were blindly searching for in others for so long. Yet, you want to continue moving with that person. Growing up in relationship for starters. 

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