Tuesday, August 18, 2015

A special treat

If you remember, there's a wonderful scene in Forrest Gump (1994) when Tom Hanks is in a Vietnamese jungle. It's drizzling one moment and sheer sunshine, another. He's amazed by what just happened but keeps walking through tall weeds. I always wondered what does that mean. Crying one moment and laughing, another. Dead sleepy one moment and eyes wide awake, another. Feeling hungry one moment and full, another. Whoever said change is constant couldn't be righter than during these very moments. This morning, as i reached the balcony to feed water to my plants, it started raining all of a sudden. I was standing there going “WOW!” with my bucket before it stopped raining—barely after 30 seconds or so—as randomly as it started. My plants got their fill so i couldn't complain. Just that it felt like a prank from above. As if Lord Indra (or whoever is in charge) was saying “I got this!” with a wicked smile.  

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