Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Burn once, miss the point twice

How much space does hatred enjoy in love? I don't know the answer but going by the stories that circulate on the mecca of information—the Internet—and some personal instances, i feel both love and hatred enjoy each other's company. One feeds another. A person who hates something but loves something else has always been considered normal. Expecting a being to give up hatred and embrace love in all its varied forms is asking for too much. A more reasonable demand would be expecting indifference. Absolute indifference, if that isn't too much to ask for! Usually, love suffers a lot. Similarly, those who hate suffer a lot too. But an indifferent person manages to remain untouched by the world. And that's where the trick lies. You must have read about that girl who set her philandering boyfriend's genitals on fire while he was fast asleep. Isn't that a case of sweet love turning into sour hatred? What purpose does that barbaric act serve? Maybe he'll learn his lesson and keep his dick to himself the next time around. But that's to be seen and not guaranteed. A more sensible person in her place would have undertaken a much braver act. She would have turned indifferent to him and shut him out of her life—for good. By doing what she did, she assumed revenge when in reality, she was just exhibiting the importance she is placing on his penis. Maybe that's what love does to you. It makes you hate for the mistaken reasons. 

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