Monday, August 24, 2015

Taking your (bad) breath away

If there are four people in a room and three of them have namak in their toothpaste, the guy with the bad breath is you. And if it isn't you, then you have the REALLY tough task of helping others. And by helping, i mean informing them how NOT to contaminate your oxygen with their lungs. Needless to add, it's a dicey situation and not easy to confront someone and find fault in their very node of existence: breathing. But still, there are ways to do things without causing too much damage to ego (and replenish the ecosystem too in the meantime). It's all in a good spirit because we are trying to solve a problem here, not insult anybody's right to keep their oral hygiene lower than gravity. 

Dear XYZ, 

Ok, this is going to hurt. 

You suffer from a medical condition called Halitotis. Do google it and while you are at it, also google what it did to Lleyton Hewitt's relationship with Kim Clijsters. The reason why i'm telling you this is, some years down the line, you shouldn't feel that nobody told you... or else, you'd have corrected it earlier! That's why. No hard feelings. Just soft realities. 

Here's what you should do: 
1. Brush twice a day. Morning as well as night and brush properly. 
2. Use a tongue scrubber both the times. 
3. Rinse your mouth thoroughly after lunch. 
4. Have loads of water. 

I've noticed you're not a fan of water. Sipping water regularly stops the sulphur (main component of bad breath) from accumulating on your tongue and so on and so forth. It's better to work on a problem than be oblivious of it, especially when it's about something as sensitive as bad breath. 

Didn't hurt that much i guess. :)