Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Y Factor

  • The reason why i neither drink nor write awesome stuff is because Ghalib had already done both. 
  • The reason why i'm on Instagram is somebody has to click random pictures of crumbs on plate and stained cups of coffee. 
  • The reason why i don't comfort people is their comfort level keeps changing.
  • The reason why we are the way we are is we aren't the way we should be.
  • The reason why you despise your mother sometimes is she's always right.
  • The reason why i don't put myself in your place is you appear way too comfortable there
  • The reason why people don't take you seriously is you haven't won a Nobel yet.
  • Avatar 2 is the reason why i haven't killed myself yet.
  • The reason why i don't work hard is i don't wish to hurt my feelings.
  • The reason why he doesn't want her to change is he has seen changes and they aren't always desirable.
  • The reason why i don't promise things is i have a very bad habit of keeping them.
  • The reason why water logs on Mumbai's railway tracks is those who are paid to clean up the drains don't.
  • The reason why most of us here think we are being funny is because Mark Twain was the funniest.
  • The reason why i don't give a fuck is they are indeed expensive.
  • The reason why babies cry a lot is they don't know the reason why they shouldn't.
  • Mutual admiration society is the reason why social media takes the giant leap of narcissism.
  • The reason why bad guys often win is they are very hardworking, organized and know exactly what they need.
  • The reason why i tell you the truth is i know you're not paying attention.
  • The reason why i don't indulge in arguments is i've got way too many voices in my empty head. 
  • The reason why we STILL need to get a life is we've been searching for it in all the wrong places. 
  • The reason why i don't bother you with football tweets is i'm a hardcore Liverpool fan. 
  • We are the reason why sun doesn't mind waking up on time.
  • Meryl Streep is the reason why it's OK for actresses to age in Hollywood.
  • The reason why you dislike national anthem played in theaters is you aren't used to standing and NOT singing. 
  • The reason why i haven't written my book yet is it's based on procrastination.
  • My poor vision is the reason why i don't judge people.
  • Alex Ferguson is the reason why football managers think chewing gum makes 'em look cool. 
  • The reason why we don't have prime ministerial debate is they don't want Arnab to become our PM. 
  • The reason why nothing changes is we're changing along too. 
  • The reason why i don't pimp my blog is it's not as lame as my tweets.

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Anonymous said...

The reason why you don't have too many people following your blog, is that people like me who do, find it too good to share.