Monday, August 31, 2015

The admirable side of evil

Dr. Hannibal Lecter is not just a serial killer. Moreover, he's much more than just a silly villain. He's a perfectionist. Whatever he does, he excels at it. His handwriting is marvelous. His sketches are rich. His cooking is avant-garde, to say the least about his foodie nature. What he consumes (and makes others do too, inconspicuously) can be a matter of great distaste though. Otherwise, he leads an orderly existence. He is a Grade A psychiatrist and knows more about human body than anybody else in the show. None of the arteries are unknown to him. He is a pincher for cleanliness too. His cuts are as sharp and immaculate as it can be. Precisely why he never gets caught. He knows what he's doing and has no intention of slacking on the job. Even when he is manipulating the world against itself. Maybe because he is as sharp with words as he is with silence. His pursuit is to be the best at whatever he makes an attempt at. The most interesting bit being his penchant for dramatics. He can be colder than Tundra but when need be, he'll let those tears wash down his face to gain empathy. He excels even at acting—ironic as that may sound. 

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