Friday, August 21, 2015

Divine intersection

I'm going to live my life differently this weekend by not waking up tomorrow morning. That's how tired i am. My body is still running but my mind is already weary. Only God knows how i feel at times. On that note, do you believe in God? If yes, you should do something about it. Like i did. I asked myself whether i believed in God. The answer i got was a bit vague for my taste. Apparently, i don't have any problem with an Almighty up there or down below as long as s/he/it loves me and looks out for me. My only problem with this entity is that i don't want to spend my already-withering-away life praising him/her/it. I want this relationship to be free of frills or strings. My penis is the only thing i want attached to my emotions or fear. Which is why i'm going to start praying again. God is just like us. Devoid of attention, s/he/it goes crazy. Which is why i'll be praying because talking is too mortal a stuff to do with someone as accomplished as God. Right now, i seriously hope s/he/it is out there somewhere reading my blog. Or else, who's going to wake me up tomorrow afternoon? 

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