Sunday, August 23, 2015

Closed world, empty words

There is no lack of opinion in today's world. Be it on the Internet or in real. Like an epidemic, it's everywhere you go or don't want to go. The root of such floating opinions is they don't base themselves on the principle of fairness. Generally, they are more of an attempt at showing off one's ability to pull others down in the name of scrutiny. Take for instance, a person doesn't like a brand or a movie. Even if it's a personal opinion or an experience, s/he will make it look like it's an one-size-fits-all case* when it's clearly not. There is something called circumstances which might have swayed against you. The way you feel about a brand or a movie changes with time or hormones. Sometimes, you are plain unlucky and that's also when it hurts the most. And you end up becoming an opinionated bitch, assuming you're doing it for others' good. You're not. You're doing it for yourself. It's alright, of course. Besides, when was the last time an opinion changed the world even if it certainly made you feel better about your miserable self? 

Case study 1*: Can you build something on your own, forget a brand? I'm not referring to your heap of disappointments. I mean, something more tangible. The answer could be anything from a yes to a no to a fuckyou but the truth is that there are ways to express an opinion (read: experience) to something that has taken years to become what it is today. Screaming for attention when the brand is already listening to you only makes you look like a petulant child in a circus. Grow up a bit. Learning to calming down your moobs might serve you better because unlike you, brands are forever. 

Case study 2*: Can you make a movie? Yes, you might have watched thousands of them but can you make a movie? I understand this question is ridiculous but so is your tirade that a movie happened to disappoint you. You see, movies may look like a commercial scheme but the fact remains that it's an expression of art. And art doesn't give a fuck about what you feel. It's too self-centered to worry about anybody. Sorry to reveal this but a movie wasn't made keeping YOU in mind. You were never part of the plan. You are just another guinea pig who is robbed blind in a dark cinema hall.

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