Wednesday, September 9, 2015

A (more) suitable toy

Where do all the ideas come from? Good or bad or worse, what is that place where they germinate? The easy answer to this question is mind. But wouldn't that be too simplistic for a complicated situation? Sometimes, we get an awesome idea in the middle of the night but we don't get up, assuming that the idea will remain in the recess of our brains when we wake up in the morning. However, when the cock crows, that idea has already divorced you, leaving you sad and empty. What really happened was that idea and your memory had a battle which the latter obviously lost. It's like deleting a file through utter negligence without your permission. The greater justice would be expecting the mind to come up with a similar epic idea, right? Wrong. A mind, no matter how streamlined it is due to a person's behaviour, doesn't really turn into a production line. It acts randomly. If not, you wouldn't really be worried sitting on the edge of the bed at dawn because you'd be assured that another great idea would come your way the following midnight. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Every single idea that strikes you or could have struck you happened for a reason. It's like a wave that keeps moving on from one person to another over a period of time. An idea that strikes you in the middle of the night (and you felt great about it but you were too lazy to do anything about it other than pulling the quilt over your face) moved on to another suitor who would take notice and pull himself up from his bed. But the story doesn't end there. The idea keeps moving looking for a better toy to play with. So, it's quite alright.  

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Rinku Prakash said...

How right you are Shakti...mind plays games on us and literally rules us. But if we concentrate inwards in the right way, no idea can escape us, because we act as a sponge that attracts everything