Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Two wheels, million excuses

I used to commute on my bicycle when i was working for Morningstar. The distance was about 2.5km and i was so used to observing the road closely that i was thorough with every single lumps and potholes. Many a times, the tyres of my bicycle troubled me. Punctures. But it was alright. As of now, i can't imagine commuting on self-pedaled two-wheelers. The distance has risen to 6.8km and the Gurgaon traffic can be excruciating at times. On top of that, if the tyre/s give up on me, i'll be stranded. The problem with being a bicycler is there aren't a lot of us left on the busy roads. If a car breaks down, chances are that a passing by car would stop by to help. If a bicycle faces trouble, there's probably only one solution left: walk the darling home!

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