Friday, September 11, 2015

Zomato Order

Day 1.
He is occupied by his phone as Hannibal Lecter enters the room. As is the bane of this generation, the man on the couch doesn't even realize that his privacy has been violated. On top of that, both are hungry. But only one has a phone in his hand. His fingers are dancing on the touchscreen scrolling through options exhibited by his preferred app. Little does he know that he's going to need help more than Yelp within the next few minutes. He is planning to go out for dinner but like all law-abiding, tax-paying, time-saving, resource-wasting citizens do, he decides beforehand where he'll land up for grub. Hence the preoccupation by phone. Regardless of where he decided to go for the night, let's just say that he didn't make it. In fact, he didn't even make it past the door.

Day 2.
Being an exquisite foodie and an excellent cook, Hannibal spends the morning harvesting his spoils in the kitchen, designing the art out of his culinary prowess. If only his guests at the lunch knew what they were really consuming. Going by their appreciation for his skills, they will never know. They assume that he believes in sharing food when the truth is he only believes in himself. Nothing else. Perhaps a reason why he isn't on Instagram sharing food pictures.

Day 3.
Day 2 repeated with a dinner party thrown in instead of lunch. Invites guests are again going gaga about his cooking tricks. In his mind, however, he's wondering whether a man weighing 96kg could have been more productive on a dining table!

Day 4.
Hannibal is out of food. And he's feeling too lazy to hunt. He can do with a non-humanitarian diet for a day or two but he just doesn't feel like cooking, let alone butcher a random stranger. He takes out his phone and orders food in. No prize for guessing the app because a serial killer of his order doesn't repeat the mistake of his victims.

Day 5. 
At breakfast, somebody is overheard saying "The delivery guy is delicious!" to himself. 

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