Wednesday, September 30, 2015


My friend Tushar got me a special birthday gift when i turned 28 last year. He took my Facebook profile picture back then and created a t-shirt design out of it. With a kickass caption saying 'Wanted: Alive or Screwed', it was to go. The only issue being i wasn't very sure whether it was a good idea to wear something with my own face on it! I was already enough self-centered (and still am) to add tazzle to my narcissistic persona. The reason why people are narcissist is this way, they don't let others into their world, thus diminishing their chances of getting hurt. More on that in some other stupid blog post. As for now, let's go back to what Tushar said to convince me that it was an awesome gift (which it indeed was). How many of your friends have customized tees for you, huh? He simply said, "Agar tu apna t-shirt nahi pehnega toh kaun pehnega?" It was a straightforward question with only one answer possible. Since i'm not Messi or Federer to have kids wear my face on their torso, i'll have to make do with my own image. After all, the question is, if not me, then who else? 

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Rinku Prakash said...

How can I buy one Shakti ? Online ? Please ask your friend to suggest a way :)