Saturday, September 5, 2015

The lost moomentum

For a nation that takes immense pride in cattle-worship, shouldn't we be worried more about what's happening with the ones that are alive than about the ones that are already dead? Shouldn't we prioritize the way these four-legged patient creatures should be treated? I clicked the above picture in Gurgaon early morning before she could complete her breakfast. In a rural setup, she wouldn't have to dwell on garbage to fill her stomach but in a city, it's no surprise that she'd consume plastic (of all things) to fill her gastronomical chambers. If you are from north, you must be aware of the manner these beings halt our traffic by standing in the middle of the road for no reason. My best guess is they do that to get some answers to the questions posed at the very start of this piece. 

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Harry said...

sad state hai boss.
anyway, I was watching this video 'Perspectives: A Conversation with Rohail Hyatt'
loved it, so thought of sharing it