Thursday, September 24, 2015

Death by your faith

< one sentence of silence>
717 dead, 805 injured. What the media reports on the stampede in Mecca today. It's a tragedy. And like all tragedies, it could have been averted. Nonetheless, somebody or the other would be labelling this event as a will of God. And i wouldn't blame them either; neither the deads nor the alives. When it comes to holy places, a bit of sentimentality is granted. On 9/11 of this year, a construction crane in Mecca collapsed killing 107 people. The engineer went on record saying it was a will of God. It doesn't matter how much technology one employs, blaming the Creator can never go out of fashion. The company's recent findings further established that the crane was “technically faultless”. How can you argue with such formidable belief system? But then, when people die, questions are waiting to raise their head. Just that there's innocence in people crushing each other to death while praying. The in-built theory is that whoever dies during a pilgrimage receives automatic entry into heaven. But what about those who wish to delay this trip? When a person dies in a fire, the burning skin creates so much fume that it practically chokes him/her to death. Before the pain kills you, your lungs give up. Which is why it's worth wondering how hundreds of human bodies, with voices in them, play out the final act before calling it a day. On a second thought, isn't stampede something that comes close to dying for one's religion? Strapping oneself with bombs or brandishing swords or guns is fake. The real shit is to pass away with no hatred whatsoever in your heart. 

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