Saturday, September 5, 2015

Weak in, weak out

I've been in a lot of pain of late. My back hurts a lot and my head aches too. Much against my self-serving principles, i took four painkillers this week. I don't think i've done that before. On my own, i mean. Must have taken loads of tablets under medical supervision fosho. Going by conditions, i pretty much need to visit a doc soon. But then, i don't trust them. Most of them are terrible listeners. I try to tell them how things are with my constitution while they are too busy checking out my tattoos. Doesn't work when a listener is judging you when s/he should be empathising with your fragility. Anyway, i need to get back in shape. I miss my stamina. Oh, i miss my six-pack abs which i took for granted. I hope they miss me as much as i miss them. I need to eat well and on time. I ought to run, swim, play football regularly. Waise, i played football today after ages. I must admit i never felt THIS old ever before. People my age were running like they've trained when they haven't made me diffident about my lifestyle choices. The only plus point being i got a wakeup call. I must make my muscles count for what they were meant for instead of withering away assuming i'm getting older and weaker. I should do something about it. I don't really know what went wrong with me. I stayed away from bad habits and never indulged in anything that would make me regret later. I don't know how i ended up so fucking weak! Even the excuse that when you're approaching 30, you feel like you're ageing faster than ever before (although nobody else believes you) isn't working either!

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Harry said...

arre, tension mat lo. theek ho jaaoge. hota hai.