Sunday, September 20, 2015

App kahaan ho?

With every passing decade, we are witnessing the change in fads and trends. Some things are going up while others are scaling down. Apps are going up while CDs/DVDs are scaling down. So much so that we might be needing an app just to help us find the app that we were looking for. No, no, App Store is useless in this particular regard. In the world of apps, there is always space for one more good one. So, here's my idea for an app: 

Since we spend a significant amount of our time online, we often end up promising people (friends?) that we'll visit them if we are in proximity. Whether these promises are made with honest intentions of meeting that person or not is secondary. The primary concern is we may not remember these promises made in the first place. So, an app that would remind you of those you are supposed to meet will come in handy. It'd be very simple. All a user has to do is enter the person's name and location. The app will coordinate with GPS and whenever you are traveling nearby the person you've bookmarked to meet, it will give out a notification with the exact distance you are at from that friend (people?). Of course, it won't force you to meet anyone no matter how close you are!

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