Saturday, January 16, 2016

Constant in the age of change

Very few things have remained the way they were during my childhood days. My parents' antics. My brother's petulance. My dream of owning a boat. Road-filled potholes. Stupid religious beliefs and family traditions. Inadequate water supply in the colony. Kori rotti. And Parle-G. The world's most eat biscuits. To focus on this subject, Parle-G has not let time change it even a bit (or a bite). Even Colgate has come a long way from being chalky white paste to multi-colour bonanza. I think the term 'innovation' doesn't ring a bell in the main headquarter of Parle Products. Parle-G remains Parle-G. Nothing else. But nobody's complaining either. Everybody is absolutely alright with the way it tastes, especially when dipped in tea. Some years ago, i read how India sends this brand's glucose biscuits to Africa for relief purposes. It's poetic to imagine an African kid looking at the baby's picture on the biscuit packet and wondering how things must be where she comes from. I don't know about anything else but i'm sure if s/he notices the 14.2% EXTRA, the fact that Parle-G is embarrassingly honest would be lost on him/her. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shakti.... Started reading ur blogs recently..u have a good sense of humour... God bless you !!!