Friday, January 8, 2016

Zero visibility

I'm in Gurgaon and it's cold. And when i use that adjective, i mean it. Because i come from Bombay where winter is a superstition. Last month was really cold but intriguingly, the temperature soared after Christmas. It wasn't supposed to but climate change is in vogue. So, the sun was back in form and i was wondering what happened to the fog i was promised since snowfall is too much to ask for. Much to my relief, THE fog finally happened this morning. I usually wake up around 6-ish and then pretend to be asleep. But today, i overslept and woke up at 7. The picture you see above was taken soon after. Imagine how it must have been at 6.30! This is my kind of mistery. Being shrouded in a blanket that is neither there nor last long enough. If this continues for at least a week (which i seriously hope it does!), flights are going to be delayed and traffic is going to be fucked though. As if i care about them.