Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Too many unanswered questions, one frozen feast

What's common to opinion and asshole is everybody has one and it's bound to change when the shit is passing by. But going by the standard of conversations people have—or at least invoke—both online and offline—in terms of hard-hitting topics like feminism and culture is appalling. If you're sane enough, you'll read them and wonder why they even bother going to school. How heavy can common sense be that you remove it from your brain? Once that happens, everybody turns into a fitness freak and jumps to conclusions. Take an incident from yesterday for instance. An NRI woman posted pictures of frozen food on Facebook. She claimed that she cooked them over a period of two weeks for her husband since she's leaving for India with her son for vacation. One look at the pictures and you'll go “Whoa! That's too much food for one person”. But then she's refrigerating them for a reason as we're talking about a country like USA where packaged food is the way to go. Well, if only the amazement stopped there. No. The so-called feminists with their misplaced priorities got into discussions either pitying the woman or mocking her. Comments like "Women like these are spoiling their men" and “I'd never do that for my husband!” started shuttling to and fro. Guess what? Nobody is asking you to. Chill. It's 2016 and there's something called free will. What's wrong in being a caring wife who thinks beyond Maggi? Besides, you don't know for sure whether she was pressurized as such to cook for two weeks straight. Which again begs the question, did she REALLY cook for two weeks? Did she do it all alone with no help whatsoever from a maid? Going by her FB pics, she looks mighty proud of what she'd accomplished for her dear hubby, irrespective of whether the cooking days were exaggerated or whether it was a solo feat. Moreover, the funniest part about this issue is that the woman is being portrayed as a victim of Indian culture without even focusing on her husband. What if the poor guy didn't even ask for this mass buffet? What if he was planning to have fun in her absence? What if he's being forced to eat against his wish? How many friends will he need to finish the food before she comes back home? Howard Wolowitz needed the entire cast of The Big Bang Theory to do that. 

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