Wednesday, January 27, 2016


I have nothing to say 
Not that i did anyway
Although that didn't stop me 
From expressing myself 
And saying stuff that we don't talk about 
In daylight or that darkness called common sense
We do what we have to 
I am here for myself, not others 
Maybe because i like talking to the air
Painting the silence with despair 
Hoping someone else feels the same
Like a tortoise left alone to swim 
But i could speak as if words mattered
But i could scribble as if doodles breathe
But i could theorize as if it'd solve problems 
But i could argue with nobody in particular
But i could rant until my anger finds ice
But i could render a short story untold 
Maybe i'll try tomorrow
To see if there's something to share
Until then, you, you and you take care
Oh, the one in the corner, you too. 

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