Saturday, January 2, 2016

Gurgaon diaries

I'm not a critical expert on cities. It was only after working with mid-day that i learnt what Mumbai was all about. Before that, i was just a simpleton Mumbaikar nostalgic about a Bombay that wasn't mine. It was only during my days as a journalist i saw how a city behaves just like a person. Some days are good for it. Somedays, not so. A city develops its character by the people who build it. Mumbai, as we know it today, was built by immigrants. Delhi was built by refugees; people anxious to have a place they can call home. Who built Gurgaon? However, i've been here for almost a year now and i've noticed certain undeniable observations here. Listing some of them out with no malice towards those who are capable of looking at the cheerful side...
  • Gurgaon looks like a city waking up from a terrible dream.
  • The dust never settles for less here.
  • Everybody's in a hurry. Haryana explained.
  • What happens in Gurgaon strays in Gurgaon.
  • It's boiling during summers with nobody to turn off the sun.
  • That's also when most of my aspirations got roasted!
  • On the brighter side, the sun doesn't set us on fire when it's fully capable of doing so.
  • Going by the earthquakes, dust storms, unseasonal rains and warm winters, Gurgaon is yet to come to terms with my presence here.
  • This city is the perfect mix of unsettling dust, filthy pigs, sweltering summer, rude autowallahs, bored cows, corporate residents and farce.
  • Love is like the Gurgaon summer. No, wait. Forget it.
  • Thanks to G-spot (that's my nickname for Gurgaon), i'm a wildweather photographer now.
  • Gurgaon didn't go to the pigs. It went to the people. Pigs were here first.
  • "Bhaisaab, aapka Gurgaon dick raha hai."
  • It takes 3cm of rain for this city to flood.
  • Dusty. Dustier. Gurgaon.
  • In Gurgaon, it either rains like dogs and pigs or it doesn't.
  • Mumbai mein rehne ke baad sabhi sheher gaon lagne lag jaate hai.
  • Completing half a year in Gurgaon today. That's like a lifetime of dust in Bombay.
  • Baarish mein maloom lagta hai ki Gurgaon kitne paani mein hai.
  • After moving north to Gurgaon, i've developed a healthy respect for junk food.
  • Gurgaon is not THAT bad. Just makes Delhi look better.
  • Zuckerberg hosted FB Townhall Q&A (Oct') and DiCaprio filmed his documentary (Nov') in Delhi. Gurgaon was dusty as usual.
  • When in Rome, be a Roman. When in Gurgaon, honk.
  • The greatest difference between Bombay and Gurgaon is people from the former won't give you wrong directions just to entertain their ego.
  • Mumbai has sea. Gurgaon will never have a sea. Gurgaon: burn Mumbai: won
  • During winter, it's pitch black even before the clock hits 6. 
  • Went home for Diwali and came back here to shoot Interstellar part 2.
  • As a social experiment, go to any supermarket in Gurgaon and scream "Hey, asshole!" and count the no. of heads that turn. They cut queues.
  • So used to the contaminated air in Gurgaon that i might fall sick in a cleaner city.
  • Before Christmas, the correct reply to “how are you?” was “freezing”.
  • Why are ALL the cars dented in Gurgaon?
  • It was only after watching Everest (2015) that i realized Gurgaon isn't THAT cold.
  • Not a day goes by here i don't see a moron driving while talking on phone.
  • The class discrimination prevalent in Gurgaon is as feudal as it can get in the 21st century. Maid in India, anyone?
  • Gurgaon tries way too hard to be a city.
  • Lastly, i haven’t been molested even once despite being so damn pretty.

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Harry said...

haha... I have moved my base to Mumbai from Delhi recently.. I can see a huge difference in terms of how people behave.. Mumbaikars are so simple, supportive.. finding Mumbai so good..