Thursday, January 7, 2016

LOL and disorder

The greatest problem with India isn't illiteracy or poverty or pollution. It's plain and simple. India's greatest worry should be absolute disregard for law. We are the kind of species who don't care much for law unless it's forced on us. Seldom do we see adherence to written edicts without a caveat in place. Maybe this shitty shortcoming has something to do with the decline of our civilization. We weren't like this. We had toilets on our terraces when the West didn't have the common sense to use drain on their streets. But that was back then. Ages ago. As of now, we are a disaster. And nobody else is to be blamed. Not our colonial past. Not our present politicians. It's just us. The hoi polloi who constitute the society. We don't have heroes from the world of law. Our idea of a hero on that line is restricted to a sarvggun-sampanna filmi hero who upholds law by taking revenge. We may mock Alia Bhatt for not knowing who the president of the country is but how many of us know who the chief justice of India is? Isn't s/he most powerful person from the judiciary side?