Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kill Bill

I just ranted about food wastage in our country, in the parts where the good ol' middle class values have eroded to great extent. Here, i'm going to beat my chest about the ridiculous electricity bill that our apartment received last week. It's a bi-monthly figure and shows—believe it or not—₹88703! There are four residents in our apartments and we are barely in the house during daytime for six days a week. ₹8000, not ₹88000, makes sense given the heaters have replaced the ACs. We haven't contacted the Haryana State Electricity Board yet but our best guess lies in either a defective meter reading or somebody is stealing power from our line. Either way, it'd be interesting to see where this fiasco leads to. 

Moral of the story: With great power bill comes greater headaches. 

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