Friday, January 1, 2016

it was perfectly all right

since it's difficult to describe a year in a paragraph, i'm not going to even take a shot at it. what i'm going to do is just share what i feel a year should ideally be like. ok, here it goes. a year should be exactly the way it is right now. with million possibilities and a billion problems. with darkness waiting to trap the light in us. with you and me still wondering what the fuck is going on. regardless, a year—or should we say time?—shouldn't get trapped in the cocoon of idealism. every passing moment is screaming at the top of its voice that there is no future. what we have is the present and how we apply it to decide our past. change is inevitable. what we once thought was right is turning out to be wrong. what we deemed proper yesterday seems stupid today. experimentation is in the air. nothing is permanent. but it doesn't mean anything except that we are more sure about our doubts today than ever before. we hope a lot. we hope everything will be great and rosy. it's a human trait. while doing so, we conveniently forget that we are here for others as much as for our own. we fail to see this inalienable truth because strangers are supposed to be scary. especially when they are not. the weight of the world isn't on us but we pretend that it is. we are sold by our lies. isn't that amazing? there are going to be earthquakes every now and then. there are going to be moments of triumphs too. every event, big and small, shape us into what we are. if you think that you're unlucky, then you are so. if you choose to believe that luck is the greatest myth after god, then you are not bounded by destiny anymore. it's all inside our head anyway. everything happens for a good enough excuse to keep us going. even death fails to stop us from existing. we leave behind traces in the form of people and deeds and memories. we define the time, not the other way round. the depth of an ocean isn't defined by us though and so aren't the tides on its surface. we are mere participants of a system that is so huge that our curiosity can only lead to more questions than answers. if there are stories of injustice on one hand, then there are stories of emancipation on the other. the world as we know today is bracketed like never before. everybody is falling under categories they never knew existed earlier. we've successfully created a generation that doesn't need others to be distracted by. it's doing a pretty good job on its own. in such a scenario, if somebody tells you that the planet is going to explode/sink/perish etc, all you need to know is that's precisely what a living thing does. it goes away only to return. it's a cycle that keeps the universe in check. besides, in the grand scheme of things, we are nobody. but for our own good, we like to assume that we are important. and this attitude is what makes all the bullshit so damn worth it. we want everything else to budge while trying not to give space to others. not even to the amount of time we like to bracket under the word 'year'. 

ps. lower case, because change is inevitable and nothing is permanent—not even this experimentation. 

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Harry said...

what a post, Shakti!
I wish I could think like you.
Happy new year!