Monday, June 13, 2016

A grip on useless laws

Where is a thirsty person supposed to go when the laws of the land don't hold water? That's the question worth sleeping with in times like these. For a change, i'm referring to the USA instead of India here. This is not to forget what a mess of a nation we've built for ourselves but two events from Amreeka compel you to think through the surface. Americans takes pride in being a functional democracy with utmost regards for laws. But if a rapist gets preferential treatment for being an ex-Stanford and a psychopath can get easy access to weapons, something is rotten. Brock Turner of Stanford received six months (he'll be out within three) of imprisonment in a county jail (not even a federal prison) for committing unmentionable acts to a sloshed woman. Omar Mateen killed 50 and injured 50+ in Orlando (wonder how he managed to pull off this action single-handedly but then, he pales in comparison to Anders Brevik who killed 77 and injured 300+ in 2011) merely because he couldn't stand gay men. Whatever their backdrop, these two ungentlemen proved how ineffectual human laws could be. Neither of them had a Wikipedia page three weeks ago but now they do. They are a part of our daily conversations. A part of our reality we can't escape. 

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