Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A history of mediocrity

Can you recall an instance from your childhood when your parents sat beside you and told you you've got to be the best at whatever you do? No, not just studies. Everything. Can you? I can't. I don't remember any such anecdotal event from my past where my dad or ma coaxed me to exceed my limits. On the contrary, the environment i grew up in was relaxed. I was naturally good at academics so i was exempted from everything else. They didn't care whether i won the potato race or whether i participated in plays or dazzled in elocution competition. They just didn't give a damn. Well, they couldn't afford to. Dad was working three shifts waiting tables and ma was juggling teaching with sewing. To them, the fact that i was ranked in the top-10 was more than enough. In hindsight, i can't blame them. Being decent people with restricted ambitions, they neither had the mindset nor the need to ask their son: "Do you plan to be the best at at least one thing in your life?" Such conversations are necessary so that 20 years down the line, he doesn't stare out of the window during working hours wondering what is he great at. No, not just good. 

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