Thursday, June 23, 2016

They can't steal your jokes!

Vivek reached home one night to find that his room was ransacked. The cupboard door was flung open with some clothes hanging on to the shelves while others piled up, feeling the floor. Books were scattered here and there. The drawers weren't where they were supposed to be. Also, they were upside down as if hiding something from Vivek. When he lifted the wooden thingie up, there was nothing underneath them. Surprisingly, the only thing orderly was the window as it was tightly shut. Whoever visited the room before him was thorough with their search but didn't have the decency to tidy up the room before leaving. Well, then, robbers are popular for lacking the most basic of etiquettes. They had taken away his jeans, recently bought shirts, shades, runnings shoes, two external hard disks, a trek backpack, camera—among other loot. When something like this happens to you, your first resort isn't humour. Laughing about a hapless event happens after a month or so; not the very next day. But then, Vivek ain't your regular guy. He somehow found the courage to find a funny sub-plot. Apparently, after going through his room and the disdainful condition it was in, he felt a bit dizzy and went for water. Guess what? There was no water in the house. The robbers emptied the 25 ltr water can. "They were either very thirsty or thought of bathing with bottled water," was his apt conclusion. 

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