Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bend it like Messi

Messi scored this magical free kick last morning and was trending on Twitter for the same. If you follow football, you're already aware of his superlation but there is something about him that's beyond the cheap thrills of bragging rights commonly associated with sports. For instance, he is quite literally short who makes up for his height with his mind and pace. As you can see above, the wall consists of much taller footballers (all exceeding 6 feet) jumping higher to contain the overhead ball. Regardless, the ball just ricochets into the top right corner as if it's following a holy command by Messi's left foot. I remember as a kid how Ronaldinho single-footedly destroyed Seamen's career by bending that ball in. I also remember Beckham saying that goal was a fluke. I don't think it was. Some footballers (like Beckham himself must know) have something special going on for them. They perform impossible feats, leaving mere mortals like us to find ways to create GIFs out of YouTube videos for the first time. 

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