Saturday, June 4, 2016

To the greatest sporting legend of the 20th century

"Probably the best punch of the whole fight...was never landed. Muhammad Ali, as I was going down, stumbling, trying to hold myself. He saw me stumbling. Ordinarily, you finish a fighter off. I would have. He got ready to throw the right hand and he didn't do it. That's what made himin my mindthe greatest fighter I ever fought."

The year was 1974. The venue was the heart of Africa. Muhammad Ali was 32. George Foreman was six years younger. Eighth round of probably the greatest boxing match ever. And something phenomenal was happening. Before the match began, it'd be polite to say that Ali's greatness was waning as the odds were against him. But then, what's the point of greatness if it ain't to be challenged by time? As Ali built momentum over the rounds, Foreman began to reveal weakness. The above mentioned words were spoken by Foreman in the must-watch documentary Facing Ali (2009) and it shows you how competition doesn't need to forego basic respect for your opponent. More vividly, it shows how a legend is hollow without his fiercest rival appreciating his greatness.

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Harry said...

"what's the point of greatness if it ain't to be challenged by time" ah!
loved it