Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Vitamin Z > Vitamin M

I once asked my boss what his childhood dream was. Before i reveal his answer, let me prep you up. He's the co-founder of a unicorn. A unicorn is a startup that is valued at at least $1 billion. For the record, there are only 166 unicorns in this world right now. Furthermore, he's at the helm of the only desi app that has gone global. There's no doubt he's an accomplished individual but coming back to the question, his answer was far from memoir-ish. On the contrary, it was as simple as it could have been. He said he didn't have a dream as such. All he wanted to do was make enough money so that he doesn't have to depend (financially) on his folks. He didn't tell me whether he always wanted to do something on his own. However, let's not assume he had the entrepreneurial streak in him from his early days on. Let's forget he's a Punjabi Bania, from a community well regarded for its business acumen. Let's overlook the fact that he went to the finest college in the country. Let's just focus on one thing: he managed to do much more than his initial plans and that achievement can't be evaluated in money. 

Sometimes, the finest lessons greet us without any make-up. The bigger question is, would we learn something from them?

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