Thursday, June 2, 2016

One. Alone.

Wouldn't it be every actor's dream to be the only guy in a movie? All the cameras focused on just one person? Instead of having to share the screen with others, why not have the 70mm to yourself? Sounds enticing, no? Ditto. But when i tried to come up with a list of films where the entire film featured just one actor and nobody else, i couldn't come up with anything worth sharing. This was before it dawned on me that the recent past had two such glaring examples. Just that neither of them seemed like a one-man show. Life of Pi (2012) and The Jungle Book (2016). Both primarily starred just one actor (yes, in the former, there were others in the beginning and at the end but...) and played heavily on CGI or motion capture with animated animals. Both featured young actors of Indian origin. Wonder how it must be like to perform to the camera with no other person except some voices to guide you. In some ways, it must be terrifyingly awesome to hog the limelight. In some ways, Hollywood is too racist and won't have anything to do with brown skin on the screen. 

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