Monday, June 27, 2016

Filmi nostalgia

If i'd continued being a film journalist, i'd have been very close to completing half a decade in journalism. Well, that ship has sailed but there are days when i miss being part of the media. Although the pay sucked, the narcissism that followed a byline or the esteem of a press card were unmatchable. You can't go around telling people that you wrote a line/slogan for a corporate company because it doesn't carry your name. That ain't the case when you write a 500 worder for the city tabloid. Also, when you are a film journalist, you get to watch a lot of movies. Most of them are indeed shitty and you watch them just for the sake of writing reviews. But there are times when you feel privileged. Like when you could boast that you were one of the first people in the country to watch Christopher Nolan's Inception. Oh, the press shows! I wasn't a fan of the samosa-chai/samosa-cola addendum as long as the show took place on time. I just loved watching films on the big screen. The way a movie is supposed to be watched. So, yeah, i miss that bit. However, the part i miss the most is how there were no kids wailing during a press show and nobody's phone rang. Ever. 

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