Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Ballot that happen?

Some reports suggest that Donald Trump would become the POTUS tomorrow if elections were to be held. If anything, this election—or should we say these two candidates—effectively reminded us how hollow democracy can get. Democracy, for all its gifts, doesn't always leave us with the best of choice at times. On one hand, you've got a candidate whose records are blemished thanks to several avoidable events and on another hand, you have a guy who doesn't care about anything. Literally anything. Except himself, of course. His records, both entrepreneurial and otherwise, don't make you swoon. If words are what it takes to identify a person's character, Trump's draw a picture of a man who doesn't really believe in anything. He'll utter whatever is required to capture attention. He's a performer; a jester without a court. A dreamer who firmly believes White House is within his grasp and he may not be mistaken either. Compared to him, Hillary appears like a saint but whoever has followed her (at least through reportage) would attest that she's a crooked personality with a preference to sweep things under the rug. It's a clear pick between the devil and the sea. We just don't know yet which is which. 

The only good thing that has come out of this trumpeted election campaign is the levels to which democracy can seem overrated. If there are three fools in a group of four, there is no hope left for the unfool. In any case, it doesn't really matter whether Trump wins or lose. By all measures of probability, he has already won by making it THIS far.

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