Saturday, September 3, 2016

What inspires you to go to office?

She works everyday. Officially, she is in office from 9 to 7 on weekdays and has a regular holiday on Sundays. But she is basically working all the time. Her laptop, which her company gifted her, makes sure she does. Well, she's not complaining. Not yet. She is known for being the most dedicated member of her team and colleagues respect her for her diligence. Coming from a humble background, she values time, resources and people equally. However, if you ask her what's the highlight of her day, she'll go blank for a bit before gathering an answer. She'd tell you that on her way to work, she spots a mare and her foal on the side of the road. She endeavours to not miss them. It's a brief episode of sheer joy for her to gaze at those two lovely creatures. Most of the time, they are just standing there, tied to the fence post, staring into something she'll never understand. Sometimes, she finds them in adorable postures; the mother affectionately licking the back of her young one or the latter suckling while the former stands steady. These little moments provide a kind push to our protagonist's hectic schedule. Not bad, you'd say, for someone who is otherwise mundane to seek beauty in something which might get completely overlooked in the traffic. The interview gets interesting if you ask her what's the lowlight of her day. She'd again go back to the equestrian presence in her life. On her way back home, she feels bad if she doesn't see them at their usual spot. And it gets even worse when she spots only the mother, not her child. Although she's a mere spectator in a car, she can't help but wonder whether the baby is doing fine or missing his mother. In mysterious moments like these, our heroine can't wait to go to work again. 

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