Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Emo? Everyone and always!

On Twitter, there is a ridiculous practice of accusing others of tweeting emo stuff. Emo tweets, they are called. I've been online for about eight years now and i still can't wrap my dozy head around these two words. What exactly are they? According to popular myth, these are sentences poured out by emotional/sentimental (Senti Kumars and Senti Ganeshans of the world) mostly to poetic effects. Personally, i don't approve of this definition. It's grossly misplaced for three reasons: 
  • Everything you tweet—be it a lame joke or a super-intelligent statement or a political spiel—you are emotionally invested in the thoughts that go behind it. Which by all practical reasons makes your tweets emo. There's no tweet out there of yours which doesn't have a connection to you; no matter how faint that connection might be. 
  • You can notice that the people who are accused of posting emo tweets are usually the ones who stay away from Twitter outrage. They are too busy doing their thing. Which is ironic because for someone to participate in something as frantic as an online outrage, certain level of emotional attachment has to be there, right? Which is also why it's safe to conclude that those who participate in Twitter fights and whatnot are the ones tweeting "emo" tweets. 
  • It's your platform. You can tweet whatever the shit you like. 
Irrespective of these etymological arguments, happy tweeting!

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