Tuesday, September 13, 2016


When a riot is going on and properties are set on fire, i can't help but delve into the kind of people we are. Of course, few rowdies don't get to define the majority but they come from our society. And we are responsible for building something we have no control over today. If athletes win us medals, our society takes pride in them for a heartwarming reason: they are one of us. The same yardstick should be applied to the goons who beat up autowallahs before destroying their source of livelihood in the name of protest. In a democracy, only one form of protest should be entertained: the one where voices are heard and nothing else. Maybe it's too much to ask for. Maybe it's too early. Maybe we'll never mature because nothing seems to change in our language of madness. The vocabulary remains the same. The volume remains the same. Just the characters with anger in their eyes and contempt in their behaviour change from one city to another. Once we understand what is really going on, we might be able to find a cure. Until then, we can only bear (silent) witness to destruction and fruitless chaos. Like the way we are supposed to.

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