Saturday, September 10, 2016

Millennial issues

The Berlin Wall crashed before we could even say hello to 1990. However, the 90s kids fail to grasp the most basic principles of capitalism. Which is ironic in so many ways, especially when they are enjoying the fruits of capitalism like no else did before them. In this world we've created for ourselves, money rules. And it's immature to believe that it's going to change anytime soon. At a rudimentary level, when you find a job and agree to a salary, you become responsible for a life that drags much beyond the salary that was agreed upon. Let's not even get into the concept of inflation. The value of money keeps fluctuating but your salary remains constant unless there is an unseasonal appraisal. When you agree to ABC job at MNO salary hoping to get PQR raise next fall, you are ONLY going to get MNO at the end of the month. That's the bottomline of your relationship with your company. What you do with MNO is your business. It doesn't matter (and it shouldn't, anyway) to the company whether you switched cities to get the job or whether you worked 12 hours a day or whether you had your hopes high for pay hike. For the company, you are just another employee who gets paid for his/her services. Nothing more. Nothing less. The HR department might go out of their way to make you feel like a family but that's a something they are paid to do. When the time comes for appraisal and if you feel like you deserved the world but got far less than PQR percent hike, it's nobody's fault. The company is at its discretion to retain you or get rid of you. In fact, the moment you resign, it will be accepted. That's how organizations function nowadays. Nobody is indispensable anymore. If one dies in a silly car accident, another replaces. [Of course, Bill Shankly was an exception.] The point being, you are only worth your time as long as you are working. Once you quit, you are out of the picture. You'll never be able to annihilate a company. You are never going to help buds of compassion bloom in the dark hearts of corporate bullheads. Your sympathy-hungry posts on social media will be able to get you some likes and retweets and hollow words of encouragement, if that's what you're aiming for. On the flip side, these posts will jeopardize your chances of getting employed again; which could be a blessing in disguise if it makes you venture out independently. If not, you will be seen as someone who smears the company AFTER quitting. Had you created some noise while you were still an employee, things would have been different. That PQR could have been achieved perhaps. But most importantly, you'd have been taken seriously. As of now, that's far from happening. Because, capitalism. 

You get the gist here? No? You must be a 90s kid. 

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