Wednesday, September 7, 2016

D for not giving a damn

There are always some people in your life who keep posing questions you don't have answers to. D is one such guy for me. One of my dearest colleagues, he turned 25 last week and is bulky but fit. The reason you're reading about him is he doesn't give a shit. And that's a rare quality i seek in people nowadays. If a crowd of 215 people are on a railway platform and say that the train is moving this way, D will claim that it's moving that way. Of course, he's fucking with you but he'll do it in a manner that will convince you that he actually believes in his absurdity. An intense humour, if you may. That's his way of beating the mundaneness of existence, i suppose. You never know what is really going on in somebody's head but you've got to give them a benefit of certainty too. We don't want to be assholes but we end up being one unknowingly, now, don't we? D, on the other hand, takes extra precaution in ensuring that he is asshole to only those he intends to. For a guy who enjoys his rum and cigarettes as much as missing his breakfast, he is a paragon of paradox. And when you are 30 like i am and finally coming to terms with the fact that you're too old to die young anymore, you appreciate such souls in your ambience. What if they never walk by your way again?

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