Sunday, September 18, 2016

Unidimensional bullshit

The fastest way to turn a correct statement into a dubious one is to introduce politics to it. This is so because politics isn't only about slimy old corrupt men ripping the society off for personal gains. There are anthropological and etymological repercussions to the Big P. Being politically correct is perhaps the way to go. It's 2016 and the world has finally come to terms with what happened on 9/11. There's no denying that if we are to reevaluate (human) history, the chronology can be bisected into pre-9/11 and post-9/11. On that fateful day, lot of things came down real hard along with those two tall buildings. The way we speak today, especially online, has a lot to do with the political correctness unintentionally instituted by that day. All of a sudden—15 years is not sudden, to be accurate—sentiments are back in fashion. Which is ironic given how our species is fast losing its collective moral compass. In our quest to be forward and cautious, we seem to be moving in the opposite direction by being overcautious. It's a practical sin to NOT take a side. Almost reminiscent of what Dear Dubya said to the international community right after 9/11: "You're either with us or against us!" Remember that bullshit? This rigidity is so nauseous that if you like something about someone who is perceived as a bad guy, you'd be questioned. In other words, you can't laugh at a joke cracked by Putin. He's a bad guy so if you are laughing at his joke, you are encouraging him. If that sounds crazy, you should read the backlash Jimmy Fallon got for having Donald Trump on his show. Apparently, the so-called liberals couldn't bear to see their tangerine villain 'being humanized' for TRP. Seriously? That's what it has come down to; the repercussion, i mentioned earlier, of political correctness. First thing first, Trump, no matter how stupid his thoughts are—and they are beyond stupid, they are atrocious—he has every right to showcase his light side. All candidates do so. And Fallon, in his defense, is a host whose favourite word happens to be fun. If he made the presidential candidate comfortable as he does to his other guests, he didn't do anything wrong. Besides, if the American people are going to ignore what Trump says and rather be swayed by the sway of his breezy air, maybe they deserve him as the POTUS. Similarly, heaps of verbal dirt were poured on Tim Cook and Jack Dorsey yesterday for tweeting birthday wishes to PM Modi. Apparently, they aren't supposed to do that because by doing so, they are encouraging an anti-LGBT politician and a mass murderer who—for the record—also happens to be the prime minister of the world's largest democracy. There are no dimensions to personalities anymore; only one of your choosing.

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