Monday, February 17, 2014

Business as usual

There was this forest where a bird sang. No living being ever stopped to listen to its talent but it didn't care. Perhaps it didn't know what else to do with its voice. One afternoon, the sun was right over its head leaving our bird dizzy. Regardless, it kept singing. Too late. Suddenly, it dropped dead from the branch above. As usual, nobody cared. Except the air who felt envious of the soil below.


Anonymous said...

See,those who care,they care...regardless.When nobody was bothered,the soil gathered it in her embrace.And the air.... it had always loved it,silently......even in it's death!.
And btw.....when are you completing your book.Can't wait . Not dying till then. :-)

t said...

you're not allowed two days off on your blog. :)