Sunday, February 16, 2014

Maintaining imbalance

He goes to sleep alone only to be surprised by the fact that he wakes up all alone. Scarred by weird dreams. Later, he ponders why certain things culminate in a certain manner. The question "Why" has become his anathema. He seldom gets his head around this peculiar word although he tries his worst. After one such session of trial, it recently occurred to him that not a single person in his entire life has ever disappointed him. Some of the credit goes to him, of course, for preserving down-to-earth expectations. Not even one person could he point out from his annals of miserable co-existence in order accuse them of disappointment. Parents? No way. Friends? Nope. Enemy? Never had any. Strangers? Nice folks. Given the geometry of recorded events here, his life should have been more fruitful. But that ain't the case either as he's busy disappointing others.

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Anonymous said...

But then does he really know how many.....or that at least a few .... are inspired by him?