Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stainless, shining armour

Many a times, a guy watches way too many action-packed movies only to turn into someone who believes that a damsel is always in distress and needs to be saved anyhow. So he gets to work by either using his words or actions to prove his worth. In the back of his head, he's doing what needs to be done. Without his knowledge, he has become gallingly patronising. However, for some messed up reason, he thinks that's the ultimate parameter of being. For all his noble intentions, the poor man is mistaken. In the grand scheme of things, his foibles account for nothing more than offbeat chauvinism. The damsel is neither in distress nor desires to be saved. She's just confused as she wants something else. More often than not, she doesn't know what. And that's where the reel needs to be pulled. 

Good luck.

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