Thursday, February 27, 2014


  • Let's build a promising past. 
  • Let's give breakup a break. 
  • Let's face it. Each one of us here is narcissistic.
  • Let's fall apart or get lost. Together.
  • Let's not be each other's dirty secret.
  • Let's not be cool about global warming.
  • Let's not think too much. They're never going to call us thinkers.
  • Let's assume that there is a song for all types of voices. 
  • Let's spare a moment FOR silence.
  • Let's hope trying never goes out of fashion.
  • Let's face it. We're never going to receive our imaginary dues.
  • Let's stop assuming that we're saving the world.
  • Let's hack your heart and change its password. 
  • Let's wait for nonsense to prevail.
  • Let's be dead silly.
  • Let's bare our soul. It deserves a better clothing than our body.
  • Let's say whatever we like but it doesn't change the fact that we don't know much.
  • Let's not get over-emotional about stuff meant for laughing.
  • Let's deal with the first resort now. Last resort can wait.
  • Let's take a moment to reflect on how time works while we don't.
  • Let's pray an idea changes your life the way it changed Abhishek's.
  • Let's hope our death doesn't create a scene the way our life did.
  • Let's not ruin our relationship by meeting.  
  • Let's not put the i in marred and get married. 
  • Let's hope climate change never gets a religious angle.
  • Let's try to do something less useless with our lives.
  • Let's hate all religions equally.
  • Let's just say we didn't turn out the way life pictured us.
  • Let's go visit a place that would be worth the homesickness.
  • Let's hope the stuff that fuels your passion is NOT petrol. 
  • Let's touch each others' souls later—bodies first.
  • Let's stop arguing for arguments' sake.
  • Let's not complicate love by trying to understand it.
  • Let's call a spade an out-of-fashion weapon.
  • Let's create a better world to die in.


Anonymous said...

Let's first create a world where we can LIVE a little,our way!

Enigma said...

The best list of resolutions I have come across in a long time. :)