Thursday, February 20, 2014

Passing judgements

Since local trains are an integral part of my mundane existence, i come across several young unmarried couples every other day. Some of them look cute while others are mere wannabes heavily influenced by Bollywood chartbusters. I try not to get caught glancing but it's well nigh impossible to ignore two individuals with an aura of genuine comfort between them and that too in a reasonably crowded moving vehicle. Needless to add, i slyly check out their faces because more often than not, they indicate disasters that might unfold in the near future. One can make out that the guy just wants to get laid whereas the girl is bound to end up with a broken heart. In many cases, the girl looks like somebody who'd make sure he ditches the very first woman of his life. And in others, the guy is as good an asshole as she's a bitch. Perfect. If only all matches were like that. Of course, these are my observations. Having said that, seldom do i come across a couple who make me proud of my eyesight. That piece of joy, as of now, lies with those elderly couples holding hands to help each other with their steps. From what i can deduce from these sorry developments is that i should mind my own business and work on my imaginary love life.

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Anonymous said...

Imaginary?????????????????????????????????????????????? :( :( :(