Friday, February 14, 2014


As species, we might have progressed a lot over the years while some things remain unanswered. Those questions are better left untouched, not because they can't be unraveled but because so many before us—deliberately, if i may presume—failed at it. Questions like, why do we care? Or get hurt by someone's action or even words? Worse still, why do we love somebody or something so much that we reek of bias? People you grew up with, knowing very well their flaws. People whom you haven't even met yet, knowing very well yours. Sometimes, it could be a smartphone or your dog perhaps. Living or dead, they all intrigue your bloodstream in such a manner that they silently command attention. They present you with moments of vulnerability. Scientific temper goes for a toss and your artless life begins to imitate cinema. By bizarre cosmic coincidence, the frames belonging to the big screen enter your everyday regime. Your ego disintegrates. Your mind opens up to a horizon unseen earlier. You gradually understand why Tristan was so abandoned by himself in Legends of the Fall or where was all that anger coming from in the protagonist of I Saw the Devil or who compelled the evil out of Edwin in 12 Years a Slave or which direction was Sergeant William going during the climax of The Hurt Locker or when precisely did a grizzly bear teach Christopher McCandless a lesson in Into the Wild or how a machine is seemingly capable of an emotion humans claim to patent in WALL·E or what sets Varun free in Lootera. While understanding these instances, you submit to the idea of love. Apart from learning why it shouldn't be conquered.

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Anonymous said...

Only you could have said it the way you have said it. I don't know how to conquer love...nor do I care to.know. All I know is I'll die a happy person if our love touches us like this every single day of our life! I love you, honey♥♥♥....♥♥♥.....♥♥♥